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He Hid Himself

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

We are only here for moments, but the life we live and the choices we choose have eternal implications. "You had your chance." That is the significance of this existence. In us living our lives, it is as evidence, a showing presentation of the true character of our hearts. Few are true; many are dark. The truth is shown when one does not know that they are being watched. God has hidden from our eyes, so that we will show the truth of our lives, in him being hidden from our eyes. He does not want the truth that we tell to stop; for, in His absence, we reveal everything and shows it all.

God is the judge, the Creator unto his creations. He's the parent unto daughters and sons. So, the LORD comes with a type of fear of Him that overtakes us in His presence. The way we are, the state of our hearts, He already knows it: but because He is just, He has to allow us to commit the evidence, whether it be of righteousness or of wickedness. A lot have asked that if God is real, then why does He allow evil: because God is love.

The thing about Love is that love wants to save, it wants to heal, and it wants what is best for you. But another point about Love that is true is that love can overcome any opposition or affliction. Love is the greatest force in the world. And the requirement for Love being able to heal is that truth has to meet truth: for, the desire of Love is what is real. Love will not force an individual; but, for love's participation, love has to be welcomed.

So, crimes are committed from us being ignorant of the truth. The evil that is done is not seen or deemed as evil unto us. And so, because God is love, He is patient. (We don't recognize that God loves all of us; because, in our immaturity, the only person that we think of when we consider things is us.) God desires each of us to have a full experience of His essence--love.

And so, because trust is also a component of love, we have been given His word. For example, in this case, "You shall seek me, and find me, when you shall search for me with your heart. And I will be found of you, says the LORD" (Jeremiah 29:13-14). God speaks of one who desires Him, Love. For, whoever truly desires Love is truly desiring truth. Truth is never-ending, gives what it receives, and receives what it gives. If we can come to truly accepting things for what they are, then we shall see God, in a sense, while we live; because embracing the truth is the purifying of our hearts, which relinquishes a clearer view of things. God wants us to know Him, but it begins first with trusting.

God knows that we do not know love, so He's showing us. Therefore, He hid himself.

Isaiah 45:15

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