Who Moved My Cheese

For years, my father had been recommending this book to me, but I'm just now reading it. Because cheese is sometimes used in place of money, I figured I would read it also in preparation for my title. I'm glad I did so. This book would prove beneficial to ANYONE. Here's my review of it.

Great book. This book is simply centered on change. I like it. The core of the book was masterfully written. I'd definitely recommend this read to anyone. This content is very useful. I can say much more about what I just read, but I don't want to spoil the content. It's a quick read, so everyone should at least consider flipping its pages. 👌

"Written for all ages, the story takes less than an hour to read, but its unique insights can last for a lifetime." -The last line of the book's description

If intrigued, support local bookstores and purchase your copy from the link provided: https://bookshop.org/a/56410/9780399144462

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