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About My Father's Business

Coming to know God is a matter of faith. About My Father’s Business addresses this case. Truly knowing God causes us to live lives that set us apart. It is an odyssey that requires the participation of our heart, mind, and soul. Many in the word of God had experienced God according to who he truly is, while many who profess him never does. There are a reason and cause. About My Father’s Business draws attention to this instance of knowing God. This presentation causes one to observe God through identifying his love, his hands, his actions, and his word. It addresses man’s purpose, man’s individuality, personality, interest, and faith. Such were the LORD God’s thoughts before in the beginning. Light is shined upon if one is living what God has specifically for them.
 It is often said that everybody has a purpose, but it is rarely visited on how to discover that purpose. About My Father's Business is the opening of a testimony series of one who turned to God in order to discover their purpose. Written with much biblical depth and insight, this book provides enrichment unto all who desire to live a fulfilling life in this world.

About My Father's Business

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  • eBook


    Christian Nonfiction

    Publication: Penmanship Publishing LLC  

    Date Published: 12/26/20

    Page Count: 132

    ISBN: 978-1-736313312

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