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5 out of 5 Stars

This book was inspired by God. It contains relevant information that affects most believers in the world today. As believers, we are assaulted via our ear gate and eye gate from all forms of media. These wiles are manufactured by our enemy Satan in the form of "Reruns."

5 out of 5 Stars

Very Interesting book wakes me up to life and appreciate it more!

5 out of 5 Stars

This piece of work is very rich in the foundational teaching needed for all believers. Living in a world so full of lies and deception, it is very satisfying to receive such Truth.

About My Father's Business


(4 out of 5 stars)


This short book is an in-depth analysis of the Bible written by someone who survived two life threatening experiences and was inspired to dedicate his time and resources toward studying the scriptures and making critical researches about it. The outcome is this eye-opening book we have here.

Over the years, there have been distortions about the original scriptures either willfully or ignorantly by people, thus it has become necessary for believers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to understand the real meanings and implications of texts as written in the Bible. The author of this book really did a great job of analyzing and explaining the true meaning of the messages of the Gospel, and within the contexts they were written in the Bible.

This is one book every Christian should read from cover to cover, to help them grow spiritually and make better informed choices about their faith.

Title: About My Father’s Business

By: Elliot Brent

A CBM Christian Book Review

10.0 out of 10.0 Stars


In his book, About My Father’s Business, Elliot Brent as a minister of God’s Word reveals deep insight into the purpose of God and coming to know God by faith.

This is a 3-part series of his own testimony blended with a comparison of Satan’s role, as the Lightbearer. What comes forth is a powerful dichotomy that offers readers understanding of the Kingdom of God versus the kingdom of darkness. These two kingdoms can be seen in our everyday world, in nature, and every purpose under Heaven. Yet, one has a choice - There are two-paths, the broad path, or the straight and narrow path. One leads to destruction, the other (the straight and narrow) to everlasting life. In his book, the author exposes the works of darkness, giving sound Biblical instruction and Scripture, that will enlighten the understanding of one’s own heart towards God’s purpose and bring them into their purpose “doing my Father’s business” in the Kingdom of God. 

This is a fascinating and powerful read that offers truth, life, and an understanding of deception in the world, giving insight into God’s way versus the world’s way. His writing on the fruit of the Spirit also gives further understanding of the exact opposite, which is the way of evil, following after darkness. 

Short chapters lead the way to faith in God, as the fall of man is exposed, shedding light on God from the beginning – this is key in his book, and in one’s life. He explains this discovery, and reveals a coming to faith in such patriarchs as Abraham, Moses, and Jesus, as the fulfillment of God’s Word. With such chapters as: a foreword, the Lightbearer, Lions, Man, The Wilderness: Abraham, The Wilderness: Moses and the Children of Israel, The Wilderness: John the Baptist and Jesus Christ, and Names offers to all the mystery that surrounds God, knowing Him and coming to Him in faith, while revealing those Biblical characters journeys of faith. 

In offering stories of Abraham, Moses, the Children of Israel and ending with Jesus’ journey on Earth, as snapshots, or an overview of God’s dealing with men, as He is alone God, and was present before the Earth began gives deep understanding to laymen, Christians, and perhaps to those who deny Christ. 

This book comes highly recommended to those searching for understanding - in God, in their faith, and their purpose under the Heaven’s, leading others to be about my Father’s business.

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