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A revised and extended hardback of this title is in the works to precede this book's follow up. It will be more expensive, however, given the revision being an hardback. Be on lookout for more information and updates!


What captures our eyes, captures us. Reruns addresses the activity of our eyes and the effect that our eyes have upon our lives. The word of God has much to say about the images that comes before us each day. It behooves us to be mindful of all that we see, and of the image that we portray unto others. Reruns explores, informs, and uncovers the dynamic phenomenon of our sight.

     Reruns places great emphasis on discovering the comfort of being who we are, and not just mere mimics of exalted images from colorful screens.


  • This digital file is compatible with every ebook app, except for Kindle. Amazon Kindle’s system will not support this digital file. Upon your purchase, a link will be sent to your email to download the eBook onto your device. An ereader app is necessary to open the book file and to read it after it is downloaded. Google Play Store or Apple App Store both have free ereader apps to download. The recommended, free ebook apps to download are Pocketbook for Apple or Ebook Reader for Android. The apps can be used for phones, tablets, or desktops to read the eBook. Go to Contacts and message me for any further inquiry.

  • eBook


    Christian Nonfiction

    Publication: Penmanship Publishing LLC  

    Date Published: 06/09/20

    Page Count: 114

    ISBN: 978-0578636276

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