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I Never Knew You

A mild revision having a new cover to this book is on the way. It shall coincide with the hardcover of this title to be released. Be on lookout and for more news and updates!


It is known and understood that the mystery of the seven golden candlesticks of Revelation 1:20 is of the seven periods of the church. The church is currently in its last age-- the age of Laodicea. The ages of the church end in failure. Thus, as in 1517, when one named Martin Luther wrote words unto the church of his day, this very literature serves as those 95 theses that Martin Luther nailed to the church's door years ago. When Israel began to fall into idolatry, they moved further away from God and could no longer hear him anymore, so God began to send his word through prophets unto Israel. This is that very same God sending his word unto this church age of this day. God desires our all because he has given us his all.


I Never Knew You expounds on God's holiness, Grace, the Father, and the Word of God. The scriptures say that only a few shall find the way of life while many declare God's name in this day. But, I Never Knew You shines light upon this call of God for us to believe and live in our walks with him.


There is no place any closer to God than to believe in him when everyone else does not. The most intimate place of all is to be alone in your trust in God. To trust is very intimate. Our hearts, minds, and souls all become involved and at stake once we choose to trust. Love is a matter of giving oneself. Love, therefore, cannot be without trust. To say that we trust God is to say that we have a relationship with him because trust is a matter of intimacy. God desires our heart, but many lie and pretend to love God when God knows all. Hence, God has sent his word, saying, I Never Knew You. We must be as Enoch in these days of Noah.

I Never Knew You

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    Christian Nonfiction

    Publication: Penmanship Publishing LLC  

    Date Published: 07/25/21

    Page Count: 199

    ISBN: 978-1736313336

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