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A revised and extended hardback of this title is in the works to precede this book's follow up. It will be more expensive, however, given the revision being an hardback. Be on lookout for more information and updates!


God, the Father of mercies, has a purpose for our lives: but Satan, the adversary, does also. Many images grasp for us to pursue in our lives. They flatter our eyes and impress our emotions. Sometimes, it is best to close our eyes against the assault on our minds. But, what happens when we fail to register that we are under attack: we remain clueless, become captive, and spoiled of our riches. Reruns, therefore, shine light upon who we are individually, which affords us to discover the fulfillment of living a life of truth.


Reruns utilizes scripture to inform and teach. Shall we, with life that God has given us, just become another rerun, or shall we be "fearfully and wonderfully made?" Reruns explores the depth of images and encourages the truth of being who we  are individually-- in real life. 


SKU: 0001
  • Paperback


    Christian Nonfiction

    Publication: Penmanship Publishing LLC  

    Date Published: 06/09/20

    Page Count: 116

    ISBN: 978-0578636283

    Measurements: 5.5 x 8.5

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