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Elliot Brent

The Bible is the word of God. It stands apart from any and every book on this planet. Over a span of 1600 years, extending from B. C. 1492 to A. D. 100, the Bible came into existence, containing a total of sixty-six books by about forty different authors. Regarding the excellence of this Book, one has written a truthful statement about its character.

"This Book makes extraordinary claims and extraordinary demands upon men. It does not purport to exhort, advise, or instruct, from the standpoint of superior human wisdom or of superior intelligence or culture. Neither does it seek to commend itself to man's acceptance on the score of expediency, betterment, or progress. In these respects, as in many others, it is radically unlike the writings whereby men seek to help one another. It bases its claim to acceptance entirely upon the often repeated declaration, 'Thus saith Jehovah.' It asks no favour of  man because of its superior teachings and high standards of life and conduct. The very nature of the Book requires that, if we be logical, we either accept it because 'the mouth of Jehovah hath spoken it,' or that we cast it aside as the greatest of all human impostures."

- Philip Mauro

Even so, the LORD has called me to minister unto him through paper and pen. He has given me much literature to scribe to supply those who are His with the comfort and exposition of the word of God in this dying world. The Bible has been furnished for the purpose of guiding men unto God in these perilous times. So, for this cause, it is unto me to labor, to expound, and  to make known God's heart unto all who desires Him. Thus, I pen.


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Penmanship Publishing is an imprint of SlingshotMinistries. I am the chief of them both.

To live is to love, and to love is to serve. Writing is my service. So, call me a  servant.


Minister Elliot Brent current called to teach the Body of Christ
Eliot Brent the author, minister, blogger, and publisher

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"Very Interesting book wakes me up to life and appreciate it more!"

Customer's Review


"The author of this book really did a great job of analyzing and explaining the true meaning of the messages of the Gospel, and within the contexts they were written in the Bible."

"Persuasive power and impressive command of scripture"


"A fascinating and powerful read that offers truth, life, and an understanding of deception in the world, giving insight into God’s way versus the world’s way"

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