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This is both notes and an excerpt to be found in the follow-up title to Reruns, Reruns After Reruns, which I have made into a blog post. Beginning on Facebook as an intended post, the admonishment has culminated here.

Let God have control of your image. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But the conflict is that God has not eyes of flesh. What he sees as pleasing disagrees with our view or idea. The two differ. But in one being a believer in God, one offers the way they look in the eyes of others even unto God -- their image.

In a time when our image is of the most importance (given social media and its effect on society), God is yet the same. How you are looking in the eyes of man is not of much importance unto God. He says, "Look not on appearance, but judge righteous judgment" (John 7:24).

This is the same God who instructed Ezekiel to lie on his side in the sight of the people and eat food burnt of dung for so many days. If Ezekiel was concerned about how cool he would not look or the sanity he would forfeit in the eyes of others (his image), he would not have obeyed God (Ezekiel 4).

The prophet Ezekiel of the Bible referred to in Reruns After Reruns Elliot

God sees not how we see. A woman who cast in two mites (probably the equivalent of a penny to us) into the treasury, God said that she gave the most out of everyone who gave because she out of necessity gave all of her living while others gave much but gave out of their abundance.

Mary and Joseph had to go about looking unrighteous in the eyes of their nation because of God. A virtuous woman who was espoused to a just man APPEARED as a fornicator due to her becoming pregnant before them being married. This divine act affected them both. His faith in God to believe regarding God’s enlightenment to him through a dream of God’s doing, and their image as a couple in the eyes of others being tarnished. But God did not concern himself about their view in the minds of others. Thus, we must also nevermind, at times, how we too are caused to be portrayed when standing on truth.

Biblical Mary and Joseph referred to in Reruns After Reruns blog post

Shame can become attached to one availing themselves before God in the scrutinizing eyes of man. The shame can be so tense that it can be discerned. Job seemed to have done something wrong and sinned before God, but in the end, God blessed him emphatically, in a way contrasting all that had previously been supposed or assumed concerning him.

Allow God to be God. Anyone who has All Power is able to do as he wants and allow things to go every which-a-way that is irrational to the most degree and yet achieve his desired result. We cannot, but God can. Therefore, in believers believing, their belief entails this understanding although they may not understand: but in one who sees things only through the eyes of man, their view will be critical, disdainful, and full of scorn due to their unbelief.

We ought to be as Jacob in the book of Genesis, Mary as stated in the book of Luke, or the eunuch in the eighth chapter of Acts and just to wholly write off, criticize, or forsake but to stay right there and just consider what’s baffling to us that we see or hear in our hearts. Patience permits God in time to reveal all. The scripture writer said: “Consider what I say; and the Lord give thee understanding in all things” (II Timothy 2:7).

Much of this is a continuation of a foundation or an observation that has been previously established and wrote upon in various chapters of Reruns. One must be mindful of the lenses they are looking at life through. Such matters much.

Reruns is available here. Only be whom God had in mind when creating you.



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