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Updated: Dec 31, 2020

It’s so much loving that I want to do with you. I’m talking holding, hugging, and teaching you. Not touching and feeling here, but kissing and comforting you through tears. Through the years, I want to be there. Hold my hand or grab for when you need to feel secure. I want to be there and I want you here with me. By my side, I want to hear you breathe. You know the sounds one makes when they’re asleep, but you’re awake: so you hear them while you think. I want to be there when you blink and remain. I want to be that lasting friend who remains throughout the rain because loving is much further than pleasure. Loving is when the sentiments expressed does not digress in its momentum although it becomes hurt or suffers. This truthfulness is not an endeavor that can be assimilated but only discovered. Only then will this Love be generated. Until then, it’s just covered beneath covers.


Let not the covers cover you from beholding what’s true. Seek Truth as if you know it’s there. Know it’s there and no fairy-tale. Kiss lies farewell—no more. Walk away, and turn around no more. There’s a door because you entered in. There’s a way out. Lies are persistent cover-uppers, so you must be resilient in your resistance. Be patient. That’s apart of truth. Be merciful and truthful—forgiving. These things are healing to heal your wounds—that cover you. To recover you, sometimes we must address ourselves. Or, the One who is sent to heal won’t be seen by you to help.


A lot of times, before we can uncover true love, we have to first place ourselves in position to do so. A lot of times, on most occasions, we are too wrapped up in others.

This writing began with words of affection unto one, but I saw that I could use this for all. Hm. Likewise, such is the case with ourselves. So many, plus many, are looking for love in this world. We get into relationships, and then we get out because they don’t work out. We give our exclusivity unto many, instead of our exclusivity being treated appropriately. We opt for pleasure instead of treasuring what we have to offer—properly. So, “Covers” can be viewed in two ways, and that is natural and spiritual.

Naturally—In our endeavor to discover love, we go about it in the wrong way. We date, we seek, we search, we flaunt, we camouflage, which is we lie. In some cases, and instances, some of these things are not wrong: but there is a line. The Bible says that marriage is honorable in all, and the bed undefiled (Hebrews 13:4). The Bible speaks against premarital sex, which is sex when one is not married. Many hurts, hazards, and blunders come from that; that the Bible says, “But whoremongers and adulterers God will judge” (Hebrews 13:4). In our pursuit of love, it seems that this generation seeks after money so that they can love themselves because they don’t have the confidence or trust in others to love them as one should. Or, in our pursuit of love, so many were not taught or have forsaken God’s word, and have taken matters into their own hands and have sadly been met with tragedy. So many have been hurt, backstabbed, bruised, abused, deceived, and scarred that so many have buried their own hearts. It’s a dying world out here; that falling in love or getting married is deemed silly or fanciful. So, the Bible also says, when speaking of the days that we are now in, “And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold” (Matthew 24:12). Because so many have the “play or get played” mentality, so many are hurting others in their attempt to not get hurt, to not look a fool, but yet have pleasure through what is not for them to have—sex; that they are causing the world to become worse. Illicit sex is just one side of why the world is a wreck.

The “covers” of one who truly loves is as cozy comfort that guards or protects against the coldness and craziness of this world, while the “covers” of another source envelopes us also, but its keeping away or keeping us from is not of safety but is of deception. God seeks to heal, or love, through us. But the devil seeks to lie, or destroy, through us.

Spiritually—A lot of things, whether it be an ill relationship, in this case, has a spiritual connection to it. And, we cannot acquire the fulfillment that we desire if we are holding onto or entangled in something that cannot deliver what we desire. Some things are spiteful. They will hold us down and be unwilling to let us go. Some things are seductive. They attract us with such an allure, but the outcome is that it kills. In our desire to live, we must identify what is living. And, truly, it is best to hearken than to experience: because sometimes we don’t recover ourselves in the midst of our experimenting. The devil is tricky and the tricks are cruel. And, in these offers he presents, his desire is to destroy, kill, and steal (John 10:10). He either wants to destroy us, the goodness within us as much as he can; or he wants to kill us, where he takes our lives away; or he wants to steal, where he robs us of our time here on Earth. A lot of times, we enter relationships carrying so much from our past that it’s so much that the lover has to work through to get to us; that the time that should be spent building is being spent upon healing. But if we had hearkened unto the voice of God, to begin with, he would have kept us safe, steered us around an injury, and lead us to fulfillment (John 10:10).

More can be said of course, but I pray that this blesses you and meets you wherever you are. God has already given me a book upon this all that shall come in due time. But, look to God, and develop a relationship with him. Confess your sins unto the Father, and ask for forgiveness in the name of Jesus, and go from there (Romans 10:9-10). Because sin is what separates us from God (Isaiah 59:1-2). Take the care.


It is very unlikely for this post to be recycled, but this post is the forerunner of two upcoming titles. Be on look-out. Subscribe for news and updates regarding them Much Love.

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