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Updated: Mar 19, 2022

Motivated. Get motivated from pure confidence. Become motivated from knowing who you are. In the eyes of God, in Christ Jesus, you're a star. He knows exactly who He has created you to be.

But there is a spirit in man: And the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding.

- Job 32:8

Be that person.

Motivate means "to provide with a motive, or a cause or reason to act; incite; impel." So, to be motivated means that your motivation within is a done deal.

A new title is to come regarding motivation. It is for the empowerment of God's children. One of the statements the Christ Jesus gave when his disciples asked, "Teach us how to pray," was, "Thou kingdom come" (Matthew 6:10). We need motivation, but first we need to see ourselves as God sees us. That would ignite and spark a light in us to become motivated. Be that person who God created.

Read about seeing ourselves as God does versus all of these images that combat and distract us. Reruns. Available every where or check the site. A good word never gets old. Food for thought. Grab a bite.

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