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The Purpose For Hope

Updated: Mar 25

Have you ever hoped? You ever hoped before? Hope is for the time to come. Hoping is like opening a new door. Our past can be tragic. Our present can be horrific. But our future can be different. Our only challenge is to cope with our present until we make it to our Hope in the future.

We have to move forward. We have security when we place our lives in God's hands. The security is knowing that God always has a plan. The word of God stands: "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose." The purpose of having hope is to move forward out of sorrow and to know that in God's hands all things that God allows in, are to work for good. The reason for hope does not feel good, because the mere response of hope is from either lost, devastation, agony, pain and sorrow, grief, disappointment, failure, hurt. Hope whispers "Get up" to us. Hope places life within us, if we can find the strength in the midst of our darkness to believe in God's majestic splendor. With Hope, all is not all the time lost. Hope is to lighten our eyes and to provide strength unto the agony of our hearts.

The Lord God sees and He knows all. He even cares. He allows such deep despair to exist in terrible, horrible moments and times. He allows these things. He allows such events. They don't feel great, and the best logic and rationale does not resolve the pain that one feels. But, Hope enriches us to become stronger from the terror that we encountered instead of losing ourselves by becoming darker. Hallelujah. Hope. Trust. Believe. Believe God. Know His Word. Look to Him. Have Faith.

Much Love


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