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What Is It To Be Smart

There are different kinds of smart.

There is the kind where one just has a good memory, where they're able to recall the information they've come across. They're smart because they understood the info enough to be able to recite it to a degree in their recollection of the information. This smart is generated from some level of interest, appreciation, or esteem.

There is the kind where one's interest causes them to research, consider, investigate information that others don't. This smart is by way of one's interest propelling them into all kinds of information that's uncommon for one to know.

There is the kind where one's cautious, wise, prudent, thinking ahead or carefully. This sort of smart is safe or just has much foresight. This kind is a listener and listens and receives merit rather than suffer loss, hardships or fatality by way of experience.

Then there is a smart where one's thinking is innovative. This kind has foresight, good memory, and process information well. They're thinkers. This kind thinks outside the box, a critical thinker, analytical. They use their minds as a tool due to being in tune with the mind's capability, and some utilizes their realization of this as an advantage over others.

There's the kind who's decent in thought, but what makes them "smart" is their ability to convey what they see, know, and perceive unto others. Their interest makes them "smart" and their memory because they can recollect and recite: and their understanding serves them. They are deemed as "smart" because they're able to articulate and convey their knowledge unto others.

Then, there's a smart that simply applies what they know unto their benefit.

Just because one's intelligent doesn't mean that they are driven to communicate their keen senses or common sense or that one has the capability transpose their knowledge or clarity into words. However, I do believe that the more that one sees, it impacts one's mouth. If one's heart is as big as one's view, one's mouth will become louder as one's eyes become wider and as one's heart becomes bigger. Notwithstanding, empty wagons makes a lot of noise too, while a full one doesn't: so, intelligence doesn't all the time speak. Oftentimes, some people who perceive much doesn't say much.

Anyhow, be smart 🤓 somehow . . . in some way. ☝️

Being "smart is not so much related to books, but it more so revolves around our choices or our character. We all have the capacity to think: but some are too lazy to do.

Being "smart" is a matter of simply acknowledging and taking heed unto truth.

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