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Adolph Thornton and His Death

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Known to the world as Young Dolph, Adolph Robert Thornton Jr.'s life was taken. I did not listen to him while he lived, but his death has truly affected me. I was first introduced to Dolph years ago. My close friend was a fan. I was riding with him, and the first song of his that I heard was “I need my medicine” from Welcome to Dolph World. I didn’t get with it, although I did see him as decent.

When Dolph died, it was a Wednesday. I called that close friend who was a fan regarding the matter, and we talked about him. I’m a believer, so I see things through the scriptures, yet his death lingered before me. I’ve watched his interviews and documentaries and have now viewed him through some of his songs. And, what I've come upon is that Dolph was a man who had a mission. He was a man who had a heart with some love in it. Because I’m a native of his hometown is why I was affected so greatly by his death. I did not know that his stardom was significant as it was, nor did I know that he was one of the very few real artists in the industry. Therefore, this is what I see in terms of this tragedy.

I’m as my Father who looked upon Saul in his sins and saw that he has some good working inside of him. Dolph, in his passing, has been labeled as a philanthropist by news anchors in the city of Memphis reporting on his death. He gave away so much. One has said that they believe his success is derived from how much he cares[i]. Dolph was in town for a planned annual event of giving away turkeys to families for Thanksgiving. He has shown great love for his city — Memphis, Tenessee. He was an active alumnus of Hamilton High School. He had a fond relationship with the principal, performed at a pep rally or so, and made contributions and donations to the school located in South Memphis. He has given out money unto others on more than one occasion and a car unto a fan. He supported local businesses in the city. He was a man with a vision. He began Paper Route Empire in 2008. That was his, and when he began to become noticed, he remained faithful to it, refusing multiple million-dollar deals. He was no saint, but he was one who lived having his heart and mind intact.

Flippa inspired many, and the plan was to bring up many more. Yet, with any success comes the Devil. The Devil works in discouragement, but he also comes visit when one is having success. And, no matter if one is down, sad, discouraged, or happy, the enemy always comes with the lie to “make things better.” About ten months ago, Dolph said,

I don’t mean no harm, but I been showing my axx lately (dxmn). Large amounts daily (dxmn). I been going crazy (dxmn). I been dancing with the Devil: God, can you save me (please). Every dope boy dream to ride in a brand new Mercedes. Bad bxtch say I’m her favorite (yeh yeh). Dripping the latest (drip). Bxtch say I’m her favorite (hey!). I don’t believe none these niggas. Don’t see none these niggas. These niggas cap (super cap). I got a confession to make (what?): I sold my soul to the trap (yeh yeh).[ii]

He released a video to these lyrics on January 19, 2021. It was a single named “Large amounts.” “Sold my soul to the trap/ got my money/ took it back,” my brother rapped. By way of knowledge, I have this tendency to take notice of jewelry. It’s not just decoration or immaculate embellishments that people wear when one is in the entertainment industry, in most instances. Aside from the star ring that he would wear, which articles, photos, and attention, in general, has now arisen since his death. Because Dolph was loved by many, the notable coincidence of that star ring he flaunted has now come into question. But aside from that piece of jewelry, Dolph is seen in the “Large amounts” music video wearing a Sonic the hedgehog chain. Its relevance is that it possibly pays homage or shows allegiance to a certain extent. Given this western culture, the following may be perceived as ridiculous, outlandish, or irrelevant, although it is not. A pentagram is defined as “a five-pointed, star-shaped figure” — five points. Sonic the hedgehog apparently had a middle name, Maurice, which means “Moor.”[iii]

There was a Roman soldier named Maurus who refused to bow before Ceasar and before Ceasar’s statue and was beheaded. You don’t find it funny that Sonic was colored and sonic means sound? The ultimate five is sonic. You can doubt Sonic the hedgehog all you want. It’s five letters in Sonic, but you can’t doubt sound. If you get in creation with the Big Bang Theory, “bang” is a sound —onomatopoeia . . . I bow before Sonic the hedgehog.[iv]

Such is the information and words of one who believes in “Tarot, Wicca, and alchemy,” as stated by a certain source. From the mouth of one who believed wholly in the occult, Sonic the hedgehog has dark relevance. It is believed that Sonic alludes to a “speed demon.” I first took notice of the chain when the camera specifically placed focus on it, even holding the frame a few seconds in Young Dolph and Key Glock’s “Rain Rain” music video.

Other than his most notable Paper Route Empire neckwear, as of lately, his Sonic the hedgehog piece has been on display by him the most. A line was even rapped about it in its first appearance in his last year’s single “Sunshine.” But I believe that persons were out to get him, but hold that thought.

Adolph was an intelligent, black man who was on his way towards a momentous achievement. He boasted in ownership. He spoke of the “fast life,” but he did not dwell on it. In an XXL 2017 interview, Dolph said,

So it’s like, that’s what I’m doing. That’s what Dolph doing — just like Master P, Baby, and Jay Z. They opened my eyes in another way. Everybody else was listening to their music and listening to lyrics. I was doing that too, but it’s like I had different respect for different ones on certain levels because of, also, the extra shxt they did that put them on the caliber of the person that they was. I’m just showing (expletive), letting (Expletive) know that, aw, you can do it by yourself over a period of time. Ain’t nothing overnight! None of that shxt. If you got that shxt in your head bout anything, you can hang that shxt up. Man, you might as well go home. You might as well just chill, stay sleep, get high every day, do something. Do everything else, the other lttle bulshxt you like doing, if you think you want some shxt overnight. I don’t give a fxck what it is. It ain't even got to be a millionaire. You can just be like, “Aw brah, I just want a whole lot of money and just have money in my bank account, where I can pay all my bills, have a nice Cadillac, have a family, this and that.” That’s regular, but that’s dxmn good. And I respect anybody that even think like that.[v]

So, he mentions the “fast life” here and there in his lyrics, but his mindset was not necessarily entrenched upon that. Dolph understood the struggle, so hand in hand with the “fast life” that he would mention in his raps was his past, background, and testimony of his triumph from what he had overcome. The XXL interview was concerning a shooting that threatened his life. He spoke of envy and jealousy, which is what many are supposing to be the cause of Dolph’s death. But, I’m inclined to think differently after really examining.

Is it just a coincidence that when certain men of wealth and fame desire full ownership of what’s theirs or to utilize what they own not for themselves, they become either jailed or killed? This has been a rerun of Tulsa, Oklahoma, here again and again: and it’s alarming because people have a desire to change this world’s terrible trajectory but can’t. When one has a vision, that individual becomes a threat— especially when they have the power and the influence to execute it.

Sadly, this very well seems apparent with Young Dolph. In an interview that premiered July 27, 2021, on the topics of envy and jealousy, Dolph even spoke this observation along with a subsequent, notable confession. This section of the interview went like this:

Like, people can really witness your life and just become your enemy? Exactly. ‘Nigga envy you, bra. A nigga hate you because they see what you doing. You know what I mean— in your business. It’s just like, the shxt I be popping like. Bra, ‘nigga hate you cause you talking all that independent shxt. Bra, you might need to tune down some. Like you offending the whole industry. You know what I mean 'Cause everybody in major deals on major labels, signed to labels and all that shxt. Like, *quiet voice he used ‘I don’t know. Bra, you need to turn down a little bit on that shxt.’ Then, the other little nigga on that shoulder like, *loud voice he used ‘A bra, fxck all that shxt. That what got you here.’ You know what I’m saying. That what got you here. This your real life. ‘Know what I mean. Bra, you done hustled for this shxt. You done grinded for this shxt. Bra, you done lost sleep behind this shxt. While you doing this shxt, you losing niggas. You know what I mean: like, you losing niggas’ friendship. Like you went through all this shxt. Nigga fxck everybody and how they feel.[vi]

He acknowledged that he was causing many to feel a certain way and that it was sensibly reasonable to not be so boisterous of where he had brought himself to, given the circumstances that he favorably maneuvered around, bypassed, and gloriously turned down. The deals that he has disregarded are on record in an interview: “You said through the years, 2011, they offered you three million; 2012, they offered you five million; 2016, they offered you ten million; and now, it’s reported they offered you twenty-two million.”[vii]

However, from looking at his situation from another perspective, Dolph saw that he had every right to be boisterous of his triumph no matter other’s gripes, grievances, or feelings towards it. And, oftentimes, the first voice is the one we should heed. Dolph was in the entertainment industry. The entertainment industry is full of devils. It is conspicuously very devilish unto anyone who would be honest enough to confess. The first voice was the most sense because the Word of God says, “We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” (Ephesians 6:12). Dolph had intruded and was proceeding to invade a remarkably organized establishment, possibly threatening an established order. Besides him laying out a blueprint for one to also follow his footsteps unto becoming big without a deal and providing hope and inspiration that one can successfully reach great heights without a major deal, Dolph was in the process of furnishing a chair to sit right beside theirs — those in the industry such as labels and companies. And, one of the rules of business is to kill off any competition. Adolph knew this. He says,

I ain't never did no deal with nobody before. So it’s like if I can do all this shxt on my own. You know what I mean. I can figure all this shxt out. I can spend my paper and don’t give a dxmn about spending my paper because I’m confident in it, and I know I’m going to work hard. And put in the work, what it takes behind spending the money. You got people that come in this game with money, but that shxt don’t mean nothing. You got people that come in this game with talent, but that shxt don’t mean nothing. But, aw, the game done run to the wrong nigga: You got talent. You got a nigga that’s smart. And, that’s a young nigga. And, you got the young nigga with a team! So, the game got trouble. The game got hell. You can’t give me nothing. You can’t offer me nothing. It’s like don’t nothing mean nothing to me. Don’t none of this shxt mean shxt to me. Money don’t mean shxt to me. It’s more about understanding. It’s more about the value and the vision.[viii]

Flippa was becoming too big. He had influence (fame)and power (money, wealth, intelligence, and ambition). Flippa was threatening — a threatening competitor unto the reigning establishment. His footing could have changed the game, and he needed to be put to death before he ever truly came to realize that. Moreover, Dolph’s rare temperament and wits were an intolerable nuisance unto the establishment. The significant situation is identical to Malcolm X’s, who said,

To come right down to it, if I take the kind of things in which I believe, then add to that the kind of temperament that I have, plus the one hundred percent dedication I have to whatever I believe in — these are ingredients which make it just about impossible for me to die of old age.[ix]

The CEO further spoke of value and vision in other words and instances. Unfortunately, in my opinion, Dolph’s vision is what deemed him so horrendous unto the establishment. According to his words, he wanted better for society and was paving a way towards that. In an interview, he provides his state of mind and the pursuit of his heart, saying,

So what’s some of your goals you got for coming into music? What do you want people to get from you when you leave here? That, I just want them to get, like, the real message out the streets. ‘Know what I’m saying — like the real message, not just glorifying the dope-selling, the bxtches, the cars, the jewelry —all that shxt. That shxt cool, but that ain’t really what that shxt about. You feel what I’m saying? This shxt about sacrifice. *Clip gets cut on him. They losing focus: ‘know what I’m saying? Like, all that shxt cool, but that ain’t the only thang that come with this shxt. You feel what I’m saying? It’s ups and downs. While you spending time trying to get that shxt right there, you losing your grandma, you losing your momma. You know what I’m saying: people dying. You losing valuable time. You feel what I’m saying? So, I want (expletive) to get the real message — the whole message, not half of the message. ‘Know what I’m saying: get all that shxt. I just want it to be a lot of young niggas that start doing something, getting them some legal checks out this (expletive). ‘Know what I’m saying: putting they mind — Hard as they putting they thoughts and shxt into dope-selling, getting a bun, getting it off, and doing they thang: shxt, ‘O, I’m a joog up a quarter-million,’ or, ‘I’m a joog up a half a million” — a hundred thousand — some shxt. They can put that same effort into shxt, ‘Im finna do that with this right here. Make these folks write these checks for that shxt and joog up that half or joog up that quarter.’ You feel what I’m saying. So, ‘long as I can get a (expletive) to see that shxt right there and really know that ain’t what you got to do, [that] you can take that same hustle mentality over here and do that shxt, shxt, that’s what it is.[x]

This brother had a legitimate message and was killed for it. But, sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees. To my knowledge, the last rapper who talked about “delivering the whole message” was a man named Chad Butler, known to the world as Pimp C. Pimp C was also murdered, and his death was also shrouded in mystery. Dolph’s aim was to essentially elevate the mindset of his people. He would often refer to his music as “high-class street music.” He entered the industry with this mentality, and so, that vision became a problem because to have a top requires a bottom — to name one reason. In him desiring to affect the mindset of his people in this way, he became seen as cancer by people in power, whom they deemed to remove before his message and vision became consumed and realized. The objective was to close his eyes before he considerably opened others.

Dolph was one who cared. Truly, it takes a certain heart to give as much as Dolph gave. His care caused him to be very charitable. Of course, one could interject that he did such tremendous charitable events for the sake of tax write-offs. But, Dolph’s life argues otherwise. His words do too. So, in regards to Dolph’s heart and mind, our spiritual enemy saw to it that Flippa would not come to truth.

The Bible says, “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved” (Acts 4:12). However, the Devil will have us think differently. The Devil is very shrewd, cunning, conniving, and, therefore, wickedly crafty. The word of God even testifies that Satan is full of wisdom (Ezekiel 28:12). Therefore, many serve him unto their own demise. In fact, just as men use women and boast about it, that same nefarious, ungodly spirit is how Satan uses men. In this world, Satan is man’s enemy. In the case of Young Dolph, it seems that Satan’s wisdom got the best, and he was remarkably finessed unto handing over his own life.

In that very same interview which premiered in July of 2021, at the onset of it, this is what was shared:

What went on that day you was saying you was fixing to retire? What Dolph got going on? I’m gone be real: a nigga be geeked. . . And I’m juggling a lot of different shxt, doing shxt — not just music shxt. Over the pandemic, last year over the pandemic, I invested in two big axx companies, and I’m like, ‘Bra, this shxt gone make me a billion dollars.’ So I’m like . . . Music. That shxt in my way. Like I ain’t: I still got to give that shxt time and focus. I’m like I’m fixing to just stop that shxt and just focus on nothing but this.[xi]

Oftentimes, we are gravely unaware of the degree of evil and wickedness that we are faced with in this world. Again, if anyone knows anything about the way things go in this world, for one to be presented with the opportunity to become a billionaire, they have to be given a pass by the prince of the world. I believe that Dolph was hoodwinked unto his demise by Satan himself. For, one cannot be a good guy playing on Satan’s team. Therefore, seeing that Dolph has always been ambitious, he became a mouse in Satan’s fatal scheme. Adolph had a history of hustling, and the enemy sought to take advantage of that. Throughout interviews, Dolph has disclosed how he has been on a money mission from the age of twelve; that he began with cutting hair, but with time, different hustles had brought him to where he had arrived.

The occult is very significant in this all because as the church is God’s people, those of the occult are Satan’s, or Lucifer’s, believers and workers. I do not believe that Dolph wholeheartedly worshipped the Devil, but one cannot outsmart the Devil. So, let’s look at the occult. In the words of a former occultist, it was shared in an interview:

Did that have anything to do with you wanting to accept position or a place in the occult? You know, I think in my life growing up, I grew up with a father that he was a warlock. He was a devil worshipper, and my side of my father’s family was all devil worshippers. We believed in Santa Ria. We believed in the occult. We believed in demonic church. My father was um. You know, the saddest thing to have in the house is to have a father, and he’s still absent. And, my father was absent. My father was more to turn to his devil-worshipping [than] his family and his kids. I was the biggest kid, so he’d send me down to the devil worship shop to buy, and I would come back. And I couldn’t get it right because I’d miss this. I was nervous and stuff like that. He would call me names — and not good names, by the way. He would call me names and stuff like that. I didn’t bring the right ingredients. I didn’t bring the right candle. I didn’t bring the right flowers. I didn’t bring the right portions — stuff like that cause he can do his ceremonies. And I could see through the glimpse of the door how my father would transform into a monster. And then come home on the weekends, my father had an alcohol problem. Then, come home on the weekends and beat my mom. And I seen this: I’ve seen demons walk in and out my house like I see y’all here today. I mean —just like nothing. And I started to pray to the Devil in the middle of the night. I would call out for Jesus, but Jesus never showed up. So I would pray. I say, ‘Kill my dad. Kill my dad.’ Because the abuse was so much, the silent pain in my house was so tremendous. So, one day my father got shot in the face for a woman that wasn’t even his. He had a good wife home. My father died at the age of thirty-three. So the Devil said, ‘Now you need to take his place.’ And at the age of eight years old, I remember I was in a schoolyard, from the second heaven a necklace fell with different colors. And a voice say, ‘Put it on,’ and I put it on. And from there, my life began — I lost my childhood. I lost my young childhood. From there, I became a part of a demon world that was so real you can touch it. John, was this around the time that the issue happened with that tarot card when you were eight? Tell us about that. Yes. Yes, the tarot card, it’s a funny thing: because my mom didn’t want to go. And my aunt was very persuasive to my mom: ‘You need to go. Tarot card. Tarot card.’ And tarot card is very dangerous. That is just like poison. That is so demonic — tarot card, by the way. So my mom went. My mom was a people pleaser. She went. And once she got there, the whole situation happened. And when she got there, the witch focused on me. She said to me, ‘Hey, this young man needs to get a surgery. He needs to get initiated because of the simple fact I was going to lose my eyesight. So my mom sold her furniture to get $250 to initiate me to the dark side — not knowing. And I just fell into that world for twenty-five years unto the age of thirty-five — from eight years old. At eight years old, I was going to demon church. Instead of going to Christian church, I was going to demon church at eight years old, trying to know demons, and principalities, and colors. And how demons transfer from one region to another, how the Devil — the patterns, the cycles of the enemy in the spirit realm — and learn spiritual warfare. Because we don’t learn holiness: we learn spiritual warfare.[xii]

So, as detailed by the former occultist, the “dark side” is very real and organized. Hence, in the West, we are very unconscious of the spirit realm we interact with daily. The former occultist’s statements’ relevance is to inform the legitimacy of the occult world, its organization, and practices. And, it seems very well apparent that Dolph’s height of success, aside from his career, brought him to come face to face with it. Witchcraft is as rebellion (I Samuel 15:23), and sorcery is a form of control —manipulation. Satan’s prime objective is to “kill, steal, and destroy” (John 10:10) no matter how fanciful, elegant, or splendid he arrives.

Let’s look back at his Sonic the hedgehog chain.

Its arrival was during the time of the pandemic. Now, to be fair, one can argue that its uniqueness and extravagance were just a product of who Adolph was. For Dolph expressed such of his character in an interview, saying:

One thing for sure — I don’t sound like everybody. Everybody look the same. Everybody rap the same. Everybody sound the same. Everybody wearing the same Cuban links — whether they fake or real. Majority of these niggas, that shxt fake. But everybody wearing Cuban links, diamond chains, ap, the bust down, the Rolex. It’s like everybody look the same. All these niggas look like, the whole rap game, everybody just brothers. They got the same momma and daddy. It’s just one, big axx family. You know what I’m saying? That’s why I went and spent one-fifty on a blue Rolex with baggets. You know what I’m saying? Everybody got them five point stars. And everybody that’s trending. I know y’all been seeing that shxt. That’s why I got a blue six point star. You know what I’m saying? That’s why I got a big axx, blue, got dxmn, Paper Route Frank on me. It’s like that’s why I got this blue shxt going on. You know what I’m saying? Because, it’s like, I just don’t like looking like everybody. I don’t like feeling like I’m in the pool with everybody. I get up out that (Expletive). Go get in the hot tub.[xiii]

So, by his own confession, his jewelry was intentionally unusual. Notwithstanding, one can be ignorant of being set up, and one can be unaware of what things mean. The Sonic the hedgehog chain, in which he began to wear over the last year, first appeared (to my knowledge) in a song called “Sunshine”:

Call my nigga, told him, ‘Mane, I’m finna spend six million in stocks.’ He said, ‘When? Hxll yeah. Nigga, me too.’ Cause that’s how we rock. My president is Trump, and my Lambo blue. This three-hundred-fifty thousand dollar Sonic is too. I’m enjoying this time right now, so I don’t give a fxck. I heard Trump bout to take us to war, so I went and bought two army trucks. God, please watch over the nurses and doctors on the front line. I can’t wait til’ the clouds gone, and we get sunshine.[xiv]

Not to reach, but the connection between the occult sits plainly there, whether ignorantly or intentional: for the billion-dollar return that he invested in over the pandemic is a couple of lines away from the mention of his Sonic the hedgehog chain that he acquired at the same time plus more. I ponder if Dolph had received instructions to follow from certain outside serpents just as the former occult’s father would send him as a boy to the “devil worship shop” with particular instructions to follow. I believe the crime was believing the Devil. The ex devil worshipper had even testified that the voodoo necklace that fell before him at the age of eight was even his first contract with the devil: so, the case is certainly plausible.[xv]

There are two points to be made from the scriptures.

1. The Bible says,

Then said he unto me, ‘Fear not, Daniel: for from the first day that thou didst set thine heart to understand, and to chasten thyself before thy God, thy words were heard, and I am come for thy words. But the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me one and twenty days: but lo, Micheal, one of the chief princes, came to help me; and I remained there with the kings of Persia. (Daniel 10:12-13)

At the time of this scripture, Daniel’s abode was Persia (Daniel 10:1). The words unto Daniel were the words of an angel of God unto him. The “prince of the kingdom of Persia,” “Micheal, one of the chief princes,” and “the kings of Persia” are all references to angelic, spirit beings which reside in the second heaven (Revelation 12:7). Politics is a definite aspect of the spirit realm. When one reaches a certain height of authority and influence, they enter a realm of the spirit world that one may not necessarily comprehend. These men in high places of authority must be allowed to be there, for they are controlled by the spirit world. For instance, in the scriptures, one will find that many nations, kings, in times of antiquity, held allegiance or affiliation to either some gods or goddesses. There are demons, principalities, that have rulership over countries, regions, domains, territories, nations, or tribes. So, those even high up in society receive from the deity instructions to carry out for that particular domain that the deity governs.

2. The Bible also informs,

And the Devil, taking him up into an high mountain, shewed unto him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. And the Devil said unto him, ‘All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them for that is delivered unto me, and to whomsoever I will I give it. If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine.’ (Luke 4:5-7)

The scriptures plainly make it known that Satan presents deals before man. And, it is very apparent that this is what occurred.

The single to his song “Sunshine” was released in May 2020. His following album Rich Slave was released in August of 2020. In most of all the videos shot for the songs on that album, that Sonic chain is worn. The single at the beginning of this year, “Large amounts,” the Sonic chain is worn. He says in that song,

I don’t mean to brag, but I been showing my axx lately. Large amounts daily. I been going crazy. I been dancing with the Devil. God, can you save me. . . I got a confession to make: I sold my soul to the trap. Sold my soul to the trap, got my money, took it back.

Given Dolph’s affinity with making money, the Devil wooed him into belief. Dolph was one who cared for others and had his city on his mind and heart. Dolph was one that if he got where he was headed, he could have possibly brought about change. The Devil himself interrupted his ascension — not man — although man was used. A devilish spirit works in a man to cause him to kill: “Ye are of your father the Devil, ad the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murder from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it” (John 8:44).

The former occultist speaks further on this instance of death being of the Devil. His testimony of his father’s death, him praying to the Devil, has already been given. But, in another interview, the former occultist shares this:

If I tell you I was going to kill you in thirty days, you can prepare your funeral. You was gone die in thirty days. I don’t care who you were. I don’t care who you knew. I don’t care what you call yourself. If you’re a catholic, if you’re a Christian, if you’re a believer, I was going to kill you — unless you have a real relationship with Jesus Christ. And the lady that lived downstairs and she came up and told me, ‘My husband’s cheating. I want you to kill the woman he cheating with. Put a witchcraft spell on her and kill her. How much you charge me?” I say, ‘Well, come back. I’m gone speak to the Devil — my daddy — and I’ll let you know. Come back in a couple of days.’ So, the lady come back; the Devil told me what to buy. He said, ‘Buy a coffin box, buy twenty-one black candles, buy an image of the lady.’ Put it in the box, you know, to do the witchcraft — to kill the lady. We was gone do for twenty-one days. She was gone die. After twenty-one days, we was gone do her funeral. So when the lady came to my house, I say, ‘I’m gone charge you ten thousand I charge — to kill the lady. She said, ‘Sure.’ I said, ‘I tell you what. I know you. You been good to me. I go to your house parties. Give me seven thousand dollars. I’ll give you thirty percent off.’ I said I’ll kill her. I’ll give you thirty percent. I’ll take thirty percent of the ten. Give me seven thousand. So when the lady was going to leave my house, she said, ‘By the way, she’s a Christian.’ She said the lady’s a Christian. I said, ‘I’ll kill her for free.’ *He clapped. I said I don’t need the money. I said I’m gone kill her for free. I’m going to teach this Christian a lesson. They gone learn. I’ll kill her for free. I told her I don’t need your money. I’ll kill her for free. So I did the voodoo thing. I did the witchcraft, and the twenty-one days went by: and the lady didn’t die. A month went by; the lady didn’t die. And I was like, ‘Wow. You know. What’s going on? I mean, my reputation’s on the line.’ So I called the Devil, I called the demons — that was assigned, I increased the witchcraft. I increased the witchcraft. I doubled the witchcraft on her so she can die like overnight. Nothing was going on. Nothing was going on. I was home one night, and the Devil shows up. I feel the presence of the Devil — swoosh. And, the Devil told me, ‘We have to abort the plan on the lady you want to kill.’ And I said, ‘Why we want to abort the plan — my reputation on the line. I’m a witch. I’m a warlock. If I don’t kill the lady, they gone think I don’t have any powers.’ The Devil said, ‘You don’t understand. The God that she serves said, ‘Leave her alone. Don’t touch her.’ And I said, ‘Who’s this God?’ And he said, ‘The God she serves.’ So, I was so angry. I was so, so I said, ‘No, let’s give it one more week. Let’s kill her.’ And he said, ‘No, the God that she serves said leave her alone.’ From the witchcraft that I did to the lady, she should have been dead in less than twenty-one days.

So, what is to be gathered is that there are peoples who are intercessors of death. If one deems that another is a problem or has become a problem, death can be cast on a person’s life; that individual could just end up dead in some tragic event. This is the point of notice which seems relevant to Young Dolph. Because, when examining his departure, Dolph was not expecting any harm. It was said that he shot back, but the instance was very spontaneous. He was in the confines of his hometown. He was in the comfort and familiarity of his side of town. It was broad day. He was at a business, and the business where the shooting occurred was on a busy, main street in Memphis, Tenessee. The thing about the Devil and the disaster he brings, it be so unexpected. It is as if one gets betrayed by how evil the Devil’s work occurs. But, it seems that Dolph had had some compliance with the Devil. Whenever we believe the Devil, the result is him causing us to do something that we know we have no business doing — compliance. For, during the rolling loud concert of 2021 in July, Dolph, after his first song, stood and randomly broadcasted the notable diamond to the eye hand sign for over five seconds before beginning his second song.

When one sells their soul, it appears that others must become notified by the very sign that also appears on the back of the money—the means of it all. The very sign that’s shown on the money is of one eye in the middle of a triangle.

It is known and understood that these award shows and certain concerts are used as probates in a sense. They are a certain statement unto those watching that they have gone through certain prerequisites, compliant, and is now a part of . . . This is familiar with every group of affiliation to have some sort of insignia to let others know what one is a part of. Even Jesus Christ says, “By this shall all know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another” (John 13:35). From the outside looking in, Dolph’s belief seemed to be to get in to make a difference: Sold my soul to the trap, got my money, took it back. But the scripture says that neither is there salvation in any other (Acts 4:12). Only in the name of Jesus can any difference be made. If we desire to cause any beneficial change to occur in the lives of others, it won’t be through money in this world: and, this seems to be the lie that Satan fed to him. For, in his very last video, he asked: “If I sacrifice myself, will I go to hell?” For one to enter into another realm of compliance, sacrifice has to be made. In his single “Large amounts,” he rapped, “I had to do what I had to do. I had to move what I had to move. I came from shxt, so I can’t lose.” It seems that he entered cahoots with the Devil, having money, good intentions, and benevolence on his mind, while Satan had “kill, steal, and destroy” on his. The Devil is cunning and deceptive. It appears that Dolph had likened his demonic deal to moving certain things for cash as he had done before in his past; so, he attributed the situation as the trap, and also said, I had to do what I had to do. I had to move what I had to move. Dolph compared his current situation to his past situation. And, without visiting Dolph’s last visual of himself unto all, his song “Talking to my scale,” the music videos’ imageries — the colors, the signs, the scenes — showcases that he became approached and compliant with devils. Therefore, I hate this all.

Dolph was one who took time out for people and lived with some sort of morale. And, it can be said that he lived having others in view. He definitely had Memphis at heart. I don’t know his plans, but the man had bought over a hundred properties in the city. Most celebrities become famous and disregard their communities, cities, and families. That was not Dolph. He was one who cared and considered things. Therefore, he often returned home — Memphis, Tennessee. It can be said that he loved us —without a doubt. His flow and lyrics were even surmised as being identical to his hometown’s heritage, with Memphis being “the home of the blues”:

It’s an unorthodox flow nobody got. It’s just real. It’s like you feel it. It’s like he be rapping, but it’s really like the blues, though. He tell the truth. He tell the good part about it. He tell the bad part about it. It ain’t no structure to it. It might not rhyme, but one thang about all his flow is it’s gone be real.[xvi]

“He raps about loyalty, working hard, or keeping it real with your dawgs oppose to being fake.”[xvii]

“Paper Route Empire is about family and respect — but mostly family.”[xviii]

Unto all who may or may not read this, friends, family, loved ones, close associates, his team, fans, onlookers, or just supporters of him, I pray that no offenses were caused from any of this. It sincerely is not my intent to offend but to only shine a light on a plausible situation and to inform from a biblical standpoint concerning things. Truly this writing simply began from God’s dealing with me: and so, I have only expressed what I felt was needed in regards to Young Dolph’s death. Again, his death began to abnormally bother me, dwell before me, and the Spirit of God began to instruct me. Therefore, may the goodness that Adolph had in him live on through this writing of his truly tragic demise. Mane. Much love. Amen

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