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Behold A Pale Horse

Mane. It’s not pleasing to me to broadcast a book that I did not complete reading, but here is a noteworthy read. This book is by a man who people of authority allegedly killed. Look him up on Youtube: William Cooper.

Behold A Pale Horse. This is an old book. Folks who be on game concerning things know about this one. However, I do not believe everything this brother believed as found in this title, yet he has some knowledgeable things within its covers. One has to sort of eat the meat and spit out the bones. I’ve never forgotten one of the titles of his chapters in this book (It may be the first one): “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars.”

This man was a part of the government, knew things, and just chose to get out. And in his doing so, he released certain information. He began to speak out, speak up, and speak on certain things: and he had to be silenced. My father is one who be up on knowledge, and he once shared this with me:

When ones in authority go against you because of what you know or what you are doing, it’s three things they will do to stop you:

1) They will seek to discredit your word by slandering your name, criminalizing you in some way to kill your influence so people won’t listen to what you are saying

2) They will seek to imprison you. They’ll put you away so that people will no longer hear what you have to say or to stop you from what you are doing.

3) They will kill you. They will permanently silence you or permanently stop your efforts.

Oftentimes, throughout history, we see these same procedures done repeatedly, although we may not be conscious of what we are seeing. It be political—a matter of keeping control over people. And, in the introduction or so, he speaks briefly on that also.

If one desires this book. Look no further and get yours here:

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