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Malcolm X: By Any Means Neccessary

I like this book. I’d read it again. Alexander Crummel and Malcolm X are the two brothers that appealed to me most during that entire civil rights tenure after 1865. I never read about Marcus Garvey, but I found out about him from reading this book and discovering that Garvey is who had an impact upon Malcolm X.

This book is a biography and is a great one upon a great man. Understanding won’t allow me to wholly agree with his message at times, but his stance is understandable. Malcolm X is one who I’ve pulled up on Youtube just to hear his lectures, debates, and thoughts. I’m a learner, so I love to listen, so I simply enjoy hearing people speak who have something to say. This brother was passionate about his beliefs and about standing. Man, that’s all me.

Walter Dean Myers book includes direct quotes from this great leader, citing words from his autobiography in this composition. So, while reading this title, I arrived at a statement that I could not just leave. I stopped and wrote it down somewhere that I could always easily return to revisit. It reads,

“To come right down to it, if I take the kind of things in which I believe, then add to that the kind of temperament that I have, plus the one hundred percent dedication I have to whatever I believe in—these are ingredients which make it just about impossible for me to die of old age.”

This quote from Malcolm X’s autobiography is found in Myer’s biography. The truth of those words is validated by his legacy. I appreciate the change of direction and the stance this man took after realizing the crookedness of the man he was following and those also among him. Certain feats ought to be observed, acknowledged, and admired.

Allah and Muhhamad are not the way unto eternal life neither am I sure that Allah is even the same God of Abraham. What I know is Jesus Christ was not just some prophet but was the living, only begotten Son of God: and that to reach the Father, one must accept the Son, he who died for us on Calvary. Therefore, I do not believe in Islam, yet I do appreciate the life and words of Malcolm X.

If anyone is interested in this title upon this great man, support local bookstores, and purchase yours here (thanks):

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