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Enduring To The End

I’ve met, discussed, and worked with a number of people who have expressed aspirations toward writing a book, but very few people see the process through. Therefore, in celebration of black history month and 35 years of being in business, I proudly speak upon this bother, Odell Sanders, first book entitled Enduring To The End. He's now a copyrighted, published author!

I used to call him back in high school when I had aspirations of owning hotels. He was in the catering business as an entrepreneur. He was the same then, as he is now—willing to provide sound counsel, time, and energy to talk with anyone to help them. He is a HABITUAL seed planter and greatly emphasizes that and encourages others. He has highly achieved in his industry. His business office is decorated with many awards, plaques, newspaper clippings, and recognitions of his excellence.

This book is nothing short of inspirational and great. It is for ANY business owner or anyone in general who desires to accomplish any feat or goal. He is an enthused motivator and preacher of faith. He is not clergy but just a believer in God’s word. While meeting with him yesterday in regard to his book, we conversed, and he admonished me even more regarding enduring. He says, as I paraphrase, “Have you ever been where it seems that everything you touch turns to gold, where you’re like, ‘Things going so well, I’m scared.’ . . . . That’s good. You’re in your season. But when things start to plateau . . . Folks get scared. That’s where most folks fall off and quit. But it's well. Just keep going. Endure. It’s just someone else’s season. It’s gone come back around.

Many folks won’t ever do anything because of fear, but the most important thing that you can have towards whatever you do is faith!”

Others have been given to read this book and others have now purchased it, and twice the comment has been that reading this book had brought tears to their eyes . . . I knew from reading the book during its editing process that it was superb. It greatly inspired and encouraged me in the midst of my focus being upon editing. It is something that the author desired for his 35th year of being in business. He has a commemorating banner hung and changed every year in his office to celebrate each year of his being in business and he told me: “That’s done for me!”

Dorothy Cooper did a remarkable job of composing his words into this astounding composition that he desired. Anyone who takes time to read this title will be impacted greatly.

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