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God's Plan's For Your Finances

I'm working towards another title, and the endeavor brought me to reading this book here. Because this book is a jewel and could help one out, I'm passing it alone. Here my review of it. Much love

I enjoyed this read. The author does a remarkable job of placing focus on the point that "God has a financial system" found in the scriptures. He writes from the standpoint of experience. The book is the result of his own outcome, testament, and expertise. The author provides much insight and money management schemes to cut cost, avoid waste in your budget, and create a surplus for yourself. He applies biblical principles to his attitude and perspective of money. The "spirit of poverty" is a real thing that affects our lives greatly, as he places light on throughout the book. One of my notable nightlights reads, "God has put within every individual the desire to do great things--the desire to help one's fellowman, one's race, one's community, and one's nation. God has given all of us gifts, creative talents, and ideas that could immediately change the financial circumstances of our lives. However, most people live unfulfilled lives. They think, 'If only we had the money to develop our ideas.' Yet, while Joseph was in prison with no money, he flourished like a flower." From investments, insurance, to mutual funds, this brother lays it all out. God pays attention to what we're doing with our money: "And Jesus sat over against the treasury, and beheld how the people cast money into the treasury" (Mark 12:41). He addresses the point that there is a direct connection between our stewardship and our spiritual lives as plainly found in the scriptures. My only drawback is that the author doesn't rightly divide the word of God in places of this presentation. He doesn't approach some scriptures he utilizes with the understanding that there is a difference between the nation of Israel and the church. This disregard can be hazardous. But all in all, it's a great read to assist in one becoming financially established. God never fails to provide us with all that could be a blessing to us. This book is one example.

If interested, purchase here:

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