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On Being a Servant of God

I bought this book TWICE! For where I was, this book really was a good read. I was not sad or anything; I was just starting my walk again with God, enrolled in my church’s bible institute, and that is where this book met me. I Iater purchased another copy of this title because in me lending it out, I didn’t want their first experience of it to be bombarded with my highlights.

This book is simply upon serving God—what does a minister of God pertain to, how to go about it, and further insight. This was my first introduction to this author, and it caused me to purchase many more of his. There are great nuggets found in this book. It is a great read. God has amply supplied those who “do hunger and thirst after righteousness” (Matthew 5:6).

Yeah, I recommend this one for sure. This joker is a classic, and it’s nothing but 144 pages. If one desires a copy, look no further (Be blessed):

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