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The Inner Circle

This book is good. This was my very first book that actually brought me into reading. I went to the library one day, checked out something interesting to me, took home, and read. It’s been over with ever since. I grabbed a hardcover novel, not knowing that novels are essentially movies that you read.

The Inner Circle is a captivating historical mystery. It’s suppenseful and drops nuggets of knowledge here and there throughout the read. I like this author. However, this brother has a tendency of killing the only black character in his stories. I’ve read about four or so of his titles, and that is a common occurrence.

Anyhow, this title is a novel. It was awesome enough to woo me into reading the more. Reading stimulates the mind, increases one vocabulary, knowledge, and familiarity. It exposes one to information that one normally would not have known on their own.

This book is the first book that I grabbed that successfully drew me into reading. If one desires to read what it is about or to get you a copy for yourself or someone else, support local bookstores and get yours here:

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