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The Invisible War

“God works within the boundaries of the laws, functions, and operations of the natural frameworks of his creation so that we, his masterpieces, may have a chance of understanding his majesty as we begin to consider these numerous mechanics of nature.

^^^^^ ß--- I received this insight after reading the second paragraph of page 56 of the book The Invisible War by Donald Grey Barnhouse over into reading about the middle of the second paragraph of the following page.”

It’s like this all-powerful God placed himself in a box just so our finite minds can get a grasp of who and how majestic he is.

I found that quotated note above in a journal I often use today. I had to search for that entry because it came to mind from what I had written earlier. The note that I made was dated 06/07/14. I read this book by Barnhouse in 2014.

Honestly, my recollection of this book was that it was a grudge to complete. I only purchased this book to read because an author I used to read often spoke greatly of this book as a recommendable read at the end of his. So, although he spoke well of it, I was just glad to finish it.

But, truly, this book is really insightful. It’s for the intellectual. He brings out points that I would reflect on in scripture, not remembering that I gained those observations from reading this book. I truly realized this from reading the second paragraph of page 56 of this book to the next second paragraph of the following page again, as written in my old note. I honestly believe that where I am now, I would most likely have a fonder appreciation of the knowledge of this author. I use to speculate where I had gleaned certain observations of the word in scripture, but I had completely neglected this source in my mind.

So, given where I am now. I would definitely recommend this book. This brother is into all kinds of studies—science, astronomy, geology, astrophysics—and he pulls this stuff out in the scriptures or utilizes the knowledge alongside scripture. The material has relevance. As stated in the Dake Bible, “There is no conflict between science and the Bible.”

If this sounds outstanding or is your interest, check the link, read its description, and get you a copy:

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