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The Kneeling Christian

This book is solely on prayer. Scriptures are provided on this action of praying, which the Son of God instructed. Relationship is a matter of fellowship. And, fellowship can not be had with God while one is living in darkness (Isaiah 59:1-2; John 9:30-31; I John 1:6). This is the word of God. God’s word says this. In both the Old Testament and the New Testament, that is made clear.

On more than one occasion, Christ’s admonition unto his disciples was to pray – pray to the Father. Honestly, prayer is a matter of worship. Prayer is a matter of glorifying God. Prayer is faith by way of trust in God. Praying is a matter coming to who is our God.

I plan on writing a book on this subject, but I have not yet. Prayer is one of the places that God meets us when we are his.

This book provides accounts of the effectiveness of prayer and places great emphasis on prayer through the scriptures. If interested, support local bookstores and get your copy here:

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