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The Richest Man In Babylon

Some time ago, a deacon recommended this book to me, but I'm just now getting to it to read for the purpose of pushing my pen towards a new title. I recall, though, that while purchasing, the cashier informed me of this book's excellence. She told how financial gurus utilize and make mention of it.

This is an excellent read. I see why this book is a classic. It is an easy read, informational, and appealing. I like history and learning in general, so this literature caressed my interests. The content of this book is delivered through dialogue between characters and parables. Many life lessons concerning money management and philosophies concerning wealth, its apprehension, and attitudes towards it are addressed. This book itself is plenteous of rich nuggets. I did not waste my time flipping its pages. Truly, I was enriched.

If interested in apprehending, purchase your copy here (Thanks):\

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