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About My Father's Business

God placed Adam in a garden and told him to dress it and keep it.

He placed paper and pen before me and told me to write on it and fill it.

Has he instructed you or given you any specific purpose?

He called Moses and told him to take his rod and go free my people down in Egypt. He gave Paul a gospel and told him to go preach it. So on and so forth.

I give bits and pieces of my testimony of God saving me in Reruns, but About My Father’s Business directly shines light on it. It is the opening of a three-part series. That’s not egocentric but rather a lot to tell. Beyond the car wreck in 2007 and a stroke that occurred three years later, there’s a story amidst the tragedy and the testimonies of God sparing my life that God instructed me to tell. Truly, the testimony is to encourage others unto life.

About My Father’s Business deals with this lifeless world and establishes my mindset and God’s dealing with me in light of the scriptures. Through utilizing the lives of others in the Bible who have gone before me in this journey of walking with God and being led by him, understanding, knowledge, and a pattern are displayed. This book is simply centered upon the catalyst of my faith. This book is about man, which concerns me, the next is about me, which is the entirety of my testimony, and the last is about God, which is the culmination of God’s calling of me, to begin with.

About My Father’s Business is dedicated to my late pastor, Bishop Philemon Turner. He preached holiness. His preaching is what bore me into this relationship with God, this life of Christ in which God calls us to live. Heavy focus is placed upon “the wilderness.” The reason why was because me giving my life to Christ was as me coming out of a lifeless world in order to come unto him. My testimony is for the suicidals. I never wanted to commit suicide, but I did arrive at finding no pleasure with life in this world. Holiness’ significance is separation from the world. Me coming unto God and giving my life to him was the same as me departing from this world. And, it is because my late pastor preached holiness is the reason why I am here living this life of Christ here today. Therefore, anything less of holiness does not sit right nor well with me because it was this world—this wilderness—that I greatly wanted to leave.

There are others in the Bible who have dwelt much time and have had encounters with “the wilderness” in their lives. God gave me to first shine a light on this in this first book of this testimony series. It establishes a biblical foundation for those who may not know and a biblical foundation also for this series’ titles to follow.

Poeima shall be the next title of this series to be released in December 2022. This title is available everywhere, but to personally and directly purchase and support this author, get yours here (thanks): Ebook -

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